The Power Of


Our founders met for lunch one sunny Friday to catch up on life and enjoy some tacos. $9 tacos to be exact. With more than 35 years of experience managing call centers between them, they knew how frustrating it is for patients when they can’t get through to their doctor and practices can’t keep up with the phone.

As they talked, they saw an opportunity to solve an age-old problem with a new approach — with artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) from best of breed technology vendors such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

We believe that patients shouldn’t be bound to 8-5 office hours to make appointments or spend time on hold to ask a question. Practices should be able to seamlessly handle patient communication, no matter the call volume.

Using the power of AI and NLP, we built the first specialty-specific, automated, conversational voice- and chatbot virtual assistant for physician practices that lets patients communicate how and when they want.

It’s easy to use, simple to integrate, and costs less.