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Transform your practice to a 24/7 operation with a virtual assistant

Never miss a call again with our automated, always-on voice bot virtual assistant for physician practices — powered by the same conversational engine as Amazon Alexa.

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Deploy our virtual healthcare call center to handle patient appointment scheduling requests via phone or web chat, 24/7.

No technology to learn or behavior to change.

Patients use the existing practice phone number or website so they can have intelligent conversations, without downloading an app, learning a new platform, or dialing a new phone number. 

Integrates AI and NLP technology with your practice management system for HIPAA-compliant conversations.
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Drive your revenue by never placing a patient on hold.

Our virtual assistant confirms, cancels, reschedules appointments, and sends HIPAA-compliant messages directly to your provider team via your electronic medical record software.

How It Works
Your Practice,
your scheduling rules.

Our virtual assistant handles patient requests tailored to your practice and provider-specific scheduling requirements.


Transform9’s proprietary algorithm can be configured in hundreds of ways. Schedule certain appointment types, specific appointment slots - choose from hundreds of pre-built rules, we will configure it to you.


A healthcare call center that works better for everyone.


At times, the surge of patient calls can be difficult for your team to handle and other times, it’s the constant barrage of calls. And most every phone call is important to the patient and represents revenue to the practice.


Patients can reschedule, confirm or cancel appointments with the virtual assistant, so your practice can prevent no-shows and fill more appointment slots and be available for those patients with more complicated requests.


Confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments, and leave a HIPAA-compliant message for a healthcare provider, when and how you want.

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94% of patients that take the survey "enjoy" their experience!

Our first client, an Orthopedic practice of 35 physicians, purchased our virtual assistant, Orthobot, configured specifically for orthopedic practices.  They named their virtual assistant "Bobbie," a valued retired customer service rep.  


Here's what the patients are saying about the new "Bobbie." 

Did you enjoy your experience with Bobbie, the virtual assistant?

"Absolutely! Yes.”


“Yes, Bobbie is the best!”


“Yes, yes, most definitely.” 


“That’s it! Thank you, Bobbie.”

“That’s it, thank you!”


"Yes, I was just checking to make sure that’s my appointment."

Contract to launch in 3 steps

1. We connect our virtual assistant to your existing practice management system/emr.
2. We configure your practice and provider rules (for scheduling appointments) and other miscellaneous items.
3. Add your new virtual assistant to your telephone IVR and web site.  

Featured Integrations

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