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Transform9 brings together many years of experience in telecom, technology, healthcare, and call center management to solve an age old problem: it’s incredibly frustrating for patients when they can’t get through to their doctor’s office, and that it’s impossible for practices to match employees answering phone calls to the changing call volumes during the week and don’t even try on most nights and weekends.

The problem...

We believe that patients shouldn’t be bound to 8-5 office hours to call their physician practice or wait on hold when they do call. Practices should be able to seamlessly handle patient communication, no matter the call volume.


We also believe that healthcare costs are far too high. We want to be a part of the solution to help reduce healthcare expenses by lowering practices’ administrative overhead.

The solution...

Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), Transform9 offers a virtual healthcare call center using an automated, conversational voice and chat bot for physician practices that lets patients communicate how and when they want, without learning new technology.

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